The Croatian Wine Experience

The Croatian Wine Experience on Swiss Soil It has been quite a while since I had an experience like the one I was permitted last week. As a busy wine professional who travels a great deal, it isn’t often that I get to try a number of wines from a region that is completely new […]

Real Wines and Paul Liversedge MW

Switzerland has it good with Paul Liversedge MW and his “Real Wines” Online Wine Shop Isn’t it the dream of most wine lovers to open their own wine shop, stocked with the best and most interesting bottles from the producers and regions that represent their own tastes? Unfortunately, unless they are also wealthy and not […]

Grandi Marchi – the Seminar

Grandi Marchi – Welcome to the Pantheon No, I’m not talking about the gorgeous temple-turned-church in Rome. But just as the Pantheon of Rome is a church dedicated to “all the Gods”, so is the “Grandi Marchi” a kind of reference to many of the great wines of Italy. Please note: NOT all of them […]

Württemberg Meets California

VDP Württemberg With Californian Guests: Highlights In the south of Germany there is a large-ish state called Baden-Württemberg. As you can probably imagine, the state combines two historically distinct regions, Baden and Württemberg, into a single political unit. As far as wine is concerned – and as far as most of the people who live […]

The Wine Saver – Does It Work?

Wine Saver – Round One: Competing with the Screwcap Of the diverse methods available intended to preserve an unfinished bottle of wine after opening, the vacuum pump is probably the most popular, is certainly one of the most practical and is also one of the cheaper alternatives. But does it work? Well I can give […]